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    We love photography and that is why light and love photography is here to serve you. With love and play of light we try to capture the beautiful moments in your life. Time will continue to run but not for a picture because that picture is timeless.

    Pre-wedding photos, wedding, family, and kids is our based. Our experience abroad teaches us many things about art and the meaning of photography itself. We have visited almost 20 countries from Europe, Africa to South America. You can look photos of our overseas experiences at our facebook Wisnu Adinata & Putu Agus Pranayoga. And also with Kezia experience on commercial television in Indonesia made our teams has a good art director for our photography.

    Bali is an island which is famous in the world for its beautiful nature and we invite you to enjoy and capture your beautiful moments in Bali. Places like beaches, mountains, cliffs, and of course do not miss Bali’s culture; we are trying to combine all the best for you.
    Finally, thank you for your visit and please check our portfolio at the gallery and our services at the package.

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To get this sunrise photo we just wake up very early morning about 2 am for make up and go to the Kintamani before sunrise coming. It’s a really quite funs photo session when Lynn playing with puppy from Lake. Yes, she loves puppy 🙂 and we love too shoot her. Enjoy her story!!! 🙂 🙂  View full post »

Austin & Anke Wedding | Alila Ubud | Bali Wedding Photography

The wedding day of Austin & Anke, this beautiful couple combine with a beautiful place in Ubud. Here some of our favorites! View full post »View full post »

Harris & Fendy | Royal Santrian | Bali Prewedding Photo

Harris is quite cool and he just came from Hongkong. Been away for three weeks shooting pre weddings. Here’s a quick preview of my favourite images from Harris and Fendy’s prewedding at Royal Santrian. Enjoy…!! View full post »View full post »

Timothy + Chelsea | Ubud | Prewedding in Bali

Here are Timothy and Chelsea who have come all the way from Singapore to do an engagement session here in Bali ! It’s very short session for them only 3 days in Bali. The one thing we always remember it, They love scooter hahaha… Well, I definitely had a fun and enjoyable session with them. View full post »View full post »