Angel & Luca

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photo by Ngurah Junz at Taman Bhagawan

“Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite”

When we knew that they took place at Taman Bhagawan as their wedding venue, reminds us of Rama & Shinta love story. One of the most favorite wedding venues at Taman Bhagawan is Rama & Shinta Lawn. Let me bring your back for a while to the ancient time with palaces, soldiers, price, princess, and magic. An eternal love story between Rama, Shinta and Rahwana who tried to separate them by kidnapping Shinta and the battle bring her back in the name of love was reminding me of many beautiful love stories around the world.

Angel & Luca is one of the beautiful stories. They have their wedding ceremony at Joglo Gundul and continue the reception at the Rama & Shinta Lawn. The ceremony set up is stunning with a combination of white, pink and purple. The background of ocean and blue sky makes the perfect combination for them. They exchange their vows witnessed by their closest family and friends. We also witness every single moment during their ceremony, the happy tears, smile, laugh and the joy.

After the wedding ceremony, Angel & Luca has their tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is one of the most significant events at a Chinese wedding. It incorporates a very formal introduction of the bride and groom and expresses respect to their families.

During their dinner reception, both of them have a lot of fun with their family and friends. Love how their guests involved and dance during their wedding. The fireworks complete their wedding celebration very well.

Beautiful wedding! Indeed.

With love,

Light & Love Bali

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