Q: How is the shooting procedure?
A: The client will contact us in advance before the shooting is done, during which we will ask for the location of shooting, the theme of the desired image, wedding dresses, and the photo price that has been agreed before.


Q: Can the client determine the location?
A: Yes. The location will be chosen by the client him/herself, adjusted with the number of locations and the selected photo packages. Some locations have their entrance fee paid by the client. But we would recommend the locations with FREE entrance but still good.


Q: What does the point “includes transportation” at the package price list mean?
A: Transportation in question is a client pick-up service from hotel / residence to the beauty salon and the shooting location and then back when the shooting is completed for free.


Q: What about the entrance fee for shooting location?
A: Entrance fee is borned by the client. The cost of entrance fee depends on the location selected. For example: (Art Centre = Rp. 150,000), (Dreamland Beach = Rp. 450,000), (Tanah Lot = Rp. 500,000), etc. And the entrance fee, of course, there will be changes over time. But we will give recomendation of free nice places.


Q: How is the payment step?
A: Down Payment (DP) for the booking period is to a minimum of Rp. 500,000 for blocking of time. After the client’s deal, the client will pay at least 50% of the total deal price. And the rest will be transferred after the photograph has been printed and sent.


Q: How long the photo editing will be?
A: The time needed for editing images between 3-4 days after the shooting.


Q: How many photos are edited? and how about the rest?
A: The number of edited photos will be adjusted to the selected package. The file of edited / non edited photos will be in JPEG files HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) in accordance with the maximum megapixel of our cameras.


Q: How is the selection of edited photos?
A: For the photos we are going to edit will be chosen by us by considering the model expression, composition, light direction, brightness-darkness, and other aspects of photography.


Q: How many photos will be given during a photo session to us?
A: I can not guarantee a number of photographs. Many aspects that affect the number of photos, especially in the pre-wedding photography that requires traveling from one to the other areas in Bali: Clients who are on time, the weather, and traffic jam. I can only tell you to pre wedding around 200 ~ 600 photos, and a minimum of 200 photos up to 1,000 photos for the wedding depends on how long the photo shoot.
Yes, I would give almost all the photos except for a few photos that are not at the right moment (eye blink, etc. ..), or lighting which is really bad, faded colors …. etc.


Q: Can we print our photos up to A4/A3 size … A1 or bigger?
A: Yes, of course because of our big cameras’ resolution, but not all printing support for large print.


Q: What does the photo album like that will be given?
A: the color of the cover or the album itself may change with or without notice depending on the availability of raw materials at the time.


Q: What camera do you use and whether you give us full resolution?
A: Our primary camera is full frame camera that has 21Mega Pixel output and our second camera has output of 18 Mega Pixel image. Canon or Nikon will be used by our team depends on the client approval. Of course we will give full resolution. However, please note that when we edit a photo, the result will be slightly less in the pixel count but does not reduce image quality.


Q: Other photographer Package cheaper?
A: Each person can tell themselves that they are professional. Pro only use professional cameras and lenses and they will not use the semi-pro camera with a kit lens. We have seen many photographers using only low payment for shooting events with a camera lens kit, and then the customers complain about the results…. Sorry boss, you get what you paid   ^ ^

We have learn photography for many years and invest best quality equipments and always try to update them. We think it makes sense for a few dollars difference. At the time of shooting we have to bring some spare lenses up to 4 lenses and 3 cameras in a wedding / pre wedding photo session … We are afraid if anything happens then we always have a backup camera / lens. Be positive thinking that you pay more for better results and more secure…