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We’ve received tons of email that asked almost the same questions, so herewith some of those questions:

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Q: May I know who you are personally ?

A: The founder of Light & Love photography is Agus Putu Pranayoga. Just call him Yoga for short. He have experience working as photographer and videographer in many countries around the world. He run this wedding photography business with his wife Kadek Fitri Purnami as her second shooter and business manager. Now this studio is expanded with 7 young talented and creative people as their team in photo and video.

Q: How long you’ve been in this industry?

A: Yoga’s root in photography is long story. His late grandfather (and also his father) was a photographer for decades since 1950s. He’s familiar and learn all about analog film photography since childhood from his father and late grandfather. He founded Light & Love as commercial wedding photography & videography service since 2009.

Q: What is the difference between Timeless Style, Ovelia style, and Eternia style?

A: Yes, we have 3 different style in digital photography because we understand that each client have their own style and preference

– Timeless style, we called it Timeless because the style is more to natural colour and black & white photo. From the first we start this company until today, this style always the best style and favourite style that our client choose. You can see more of this photo style at our instagram here

–  Ovelia style is based on Fujifilm 400h colour. More sweet and romantic colour, you may see from the photos itself, the colour more to soft, bright and airy colour. You can see more of this photo style at our instagram here

–  Eternia style is based on Kodak Portra Film colour. It’s more to elegant and classic colour. The colour is more to moody, browny and  little bit dark. You can see more of this photo style at our instagram here

Q: How about film photography ?

A: We have both 35mm and medium format film photography service. Our preference for colour film is Fujifilm 400h and Kodak Portra 400 or 800. We love black and white film with Kodak Tri-X 400 and Ilford films. You can choose your own film preference at least 2 months in advance to ensure it’s availability stock.

Q: Can I see your other cinematic video sample ?

A: Yes, you can visit our youtube channel here

Q: How to process the booking?

A: You can send us your detail by email to [email protected]. Our team will reply your email with our availability and wedding package. You can have further discussion with our team for our services. To confirm the booking, we require 20% deposit in advance and final payment by 2 weeks prior to the wedding day.

Q: Do we have to meet you before the wedding day?

A: It would be great if you can meet us before the wedding day. We normally ask for the rundown of the day and we can discuss your preference style for the photos. But if you have limited time, we can meet on the wedding day directly

Q: How many photographers and videographers I will have on the day?

A: Depends on which photography package that you choose. Normally there will be 2 photographers or 2 videographers on the day, 1 main shooter and 1 art creative shooter. We’ve been in professional wedding photography business for many years. Up until now we’d never and will never shoot a wedding with just 1 photographer or videographer. Wedding is a once in a lifetime moments. There are no room for mistake and failure.

Q: For engagement photography, is it possible if the client decides the photoshoot’s location?

A: Certainly, the client can decide the photoshoot’s location. Entrance fee may apply for some locations and will be charged to the client. We also have some options for photoshoot’s location with no additional entrance fee. Don’t worry the view absolutely stunning!

Q: How much the entrance fee for engagement photoshoot location?

A : The cost for entrance fee depends on the selected location. For your reference: Art Centre at IDR 1.000.000 net, Dreamland Beach at IDR 750.000, Tanah Lot at IDR 500.000 net, Museum Bali at IDR 1.000.000 net. Price is subject to change based on local community policy. Entrance fee will be subject to additional charged and paid by the client.

Q : On the price list mention “included transportation”, what is that mean?

A: It mean that we provide transportation service during the photoshoot session. Start from pick-up service from your hotel/residence to the salon or makeup artist, all photoshoot’s location and drop you back to the hotel/residence after the photo shoot. Transportation service is free of charge

Q : How about the OST songs for video?

A : You can choose the background song for your video. If you would like to choose the song, we suggest you to use non royalty songs due copyright issue. Youtube or facebook usually block the video once we try to upload it because of the copyright issue.

Q : Do you provide wedding or pre-wedding album?

A : Yes, we provide fine art wedding album as optional. For your reference, the colour of album’s cover is subject to change without prior notice depends on the raw material availability.

Q : Who will choose the photos for the album?

A : You can choose the photos for the album once you receive the photo link from us. We require maximum 2 weeks to choose the photos, if we didn’t receive the confirmation from you than we will choose the photos for your album

Q : What is your camera and do you provide the full resolution?

A : Our main digital camera line is Sony A7R3 with 42 megapixel output and Sony A7M3 with 24 megapixel output. Both is 2018 award winning camera at most camera website around the world. Our other digital camera line is Fujifilm X-T2, X-Pro2, X-E3, and X100f. For film photography line we have Canon EOS-1n for 35mm and Mamiya 645 for medium format. All of our camera line use their top class prime lenses and we always upgrade our gear. Certainly, we will provide full resolution. For your reference, during the editing process, the pixel result will slightly less than the original but it won’t reduce the quality of the image. We believe that the most important is the man behind the gear

Q: When the client will receive the result?

A : We normally provide the sneak peak within 7 days after the photo shoot and will send to you via dropbox. For all result, album and all edited photos will be finished by the latest 6 weeks after the photo shoot. We provide personalize service to our each client and we ensure that we deliver the best result for your album and pictures. All your pictures will be saved in USB drive but depend on your needs, we also can save all your files in Blue Ray or in HDD. We will deliver the album & the USB by EMS of Indonesia Postal Office. There is no additional charge for the shipping fee, its include on your package